Landscape Creative Yard Drainage Solutions Madison, MS

Sometimes it takes getting a little creative to solve drainage issues for your yard! Mississippi’s weather systems can dump buckets of rain that if not channeled properly, can transform your property into a makeshift pond and wreak havoc on structures. If you need to conquer water woes on your property in Mississippi, Landscape Creative is your trusted source for solutions. Our experience works on your behalf, offering creative drainage solutions for residential and commercial properties.

Effective Property Drainage Systems

There are several methods of ensuring that excess water drains away from your structures and flows into appropriate channels. Let’s explore all the ways Landscape Creative can transform your water nightmare into a beautiful and functional solution.

Channel Drains

These long, narrow drains covered by grates direct water away from a specific area where water tends to pool and damage structures or foliage. Channel drains are ideal alongside driveways or patios where they can be installed in an inconspicuous area.

Dry Wells

A hidden method of draining pooling water is a dry well which is an underground well designed to allow water to percolate through the ground into it. These wells work to prevent soil erosion and alleviate water erosion.

French Drains

These are perhaps the most commonly used drains in yards, using the natural slope of the land to manage water flow and move excess water away from yards and structures. French drains are perforated pipes that are buried in a trench, surrounded by gravel, and then covered over with topsoil. They offer an affordable yard drainage solution that seamlessly integrates with your landscaping.

Drain Tiles

Drain tiles are ideal for situations where subsurface water needs to be directed away from building foundations to prevent damage and soil erosion.

Creative Property Drainage Ideas

If you’re searching for ways to manage water on your property in a way that perfectly integrates beauty and function, these Landscape Creative methods might be just what you’re searching for.

Dry Creeks

Dry creeks mimic a dry creek bed by following the natural contours of your land or landscapers can create a natural looking flow on your property. The creek is filled with beautiful natural rocks, bark or mulch, and plants can be integrated throughout the design to beautify the design during dry times of the year. 

Rain Gardens

Native vegetation can be artfully planted in your yard to add a natural and beautiful touch to your property while also serving the useful purpose of reducing water runoff and increasing water absorption. Rain gardens are becoming a popular drainage solution because of the ease and beauty they offer for drainage problems.


If you have a hilly landscape, terracing is an ideal solution for your property. Level platforms are carved out at various points down the hill. Landscaping features can be added, such as natural rock walls, walkways, plants, and water features to create a lush, verdant look. With just the right touch of landscape lighting, terracing can truly create a beautiful landscape. Terracing helps avoid downsloping water runoff and reduces soil erosion. 

Best Yard Drainage Company Madison, MS

If you’re sick of water nightmares, contact Landscape Creative today. Our drainage solutions keep your landscape aesthetics gorgeous while protecting the structural integrity of your buildings and land. Our creative yard drainage solutions in Madison, MS can add to the beauty of your land while safeguarding your investment for years to come. Effective drainage is just a call away!