Creative Backyard Drainage Solutions

If your backyard is plagued by drainage issues, you’re not alone. You may be facing standing water, a flooded basement, a sloped landscape that creates runoff, or a whole host of other drainage issues. Homeowners and commercial property owners alike struggle with finding effective and creative solutions to their drainage woes. The easiest solution to a yard drainage problem is to call in the experts! Let’s explore all the available creative backyard drainage solutions and why Landscape Creative is your go-to team for the design and installation of commercial and residential drainage solution systems.

Outdoor Drainage Solutions Jackson, MS

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At Landscape Creative, we specialize in designing and installing yard drainage solutions that are effective, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. Not only have we been providing drainage design and installation services for years, but our team of drainage professionals is current in the latest drainage technology and techniques. Here we share some all about types of yard drains and the most common backyard drain solutions out there today.

French Drains

A French drain is an underground piped trench that is embedded into varying levels of rock that directs surface water away from an area towards a lower elevation using natural gravity. These drains are effective for both runoff and pooling water because they allow water to flow freely away from the property while keeping out debris and sediment. 

Catch Basins & Dry Wells

Catch basins and dry wells collect excess surface water in a catchment tank before diverting it away from the property through pipes or underground lines. These drainage solutions are beneficial for areas where the slope is not enough to let gravity move the water naturally or in areas where other landscaping features exist that impede drainage. Both catch basins and dry wells must be professionally installed by Landscape Creative technicians who are knowledgeable about their construction methods in order for them to work effectively without causing any additional issues down the line due to improper setup or design flaws.

Dry Creeks

Dry creek beds are always popular, as they provide an aesthetically pleasing way to divert excess water away from your home or commercial building. Dry creek beds require minimal maintenance and can easily be incorporated into any existing landscape design. 


Downspouts move water from your roof away from the building through a gutter system and are incredibly useful for situations where water pools too closely to a building. This can lead to basement flooding, foundation damage, and many other structural issues. 

How to Achieve Better Yard Drainage with Landscape Creative

With Landscape Creative’s help, you no longer need to worry about flooding problems caused by excess rainwater or storms. Our team has years of experience designing and installing traditional French drains as well as more innovative approaches such as rainwater harvesting systems, dry creek beds, rain gardens, drain tiles, channel drains, and berms/mounds, to name just a few. Regardless of the drainage issues you might have, our outdoor yard drain professionals have a solution. We work with you every step of the way to create a custom solution for your specific drainage needs. We should be your first point of contact when searching for who to call for drainage problems in yard near Jackson, MS! Give us a call today!