Best Pine Straw Installers Near Me

Looking for an affordable way to freshen up your landscape and add that final WOW factor to your yard or commercial property? Landscape Creative offers pine straw installation that checks all those boxes. Pine straw is a natural mulch that benefits the health of your plants while delivering that polished finishing touch. Pine straw application by our experienced team at Landscape Creative is a quick and easy process that keeps your yard looking its best for years to come.

Pine Straw Application in Mississippi 

pinestraw installation near me

Landscape Creative has years of experience in applying pine straw on properties all around the Jackson metro area. We’re here to answer some frequently asked questions about pine straw

What is pine straw?

Pine straw is a sustainable and organic mulching material, that is simply made from the pine needles that fall from trees. Once the needles hit the ground, they are raked up, cleaned, and formed into bales to sell. The bales are transported to any yard or property and spread out in designated areas to enhance the look of any landscape. 

Why do people lay pine straw?

Applying pine straw to your landscape has a number of benefits. For one, pine straw is an excellent mulch material. It helps to insulate and regulate soil temperature, prevent weed growth, and conserve moisture. Pine straw also provides a visual barrier between your plant beds and the rest of your yard, adding a neat and tidy look, even during the height of the growing season. It will also eventually break down and improve the soil quality of your landscape.

How much pine straw do I need?

When we are determining how much pine straw will be necessary for any given project, we take into account the size of the bales available, the total area that’s going to be covered, and the depth at which we’ll be applying the pine straw. 

What do you put down under pine straw?

Before installing pine straw in your yard, our team will come in and clear the area of any weeds and unwanted plants. We will usually prune and trim any trees and shrubs near the application sites. Then we’ll apply a weed inhibitor to the area to further discourage weed growth.

How deep should pine straw be?

Landscape Creative recommends a pine straw application depth of anywhere from 3 to 6 inches. Each site and landscaping need is different, so when we are deciding on the depth of pine straw application, we consider factors such as the local soil type and moisture content, temperature, and most importantly, the location of pine straw placement

Best time of year to lay pine straw in Mississippi?

We can apply pine straw any time of year! It is often best to do so when leaves have already fallen for the season and been properly cleaned up. Thus, many property owners opt for a winter application of pine straw that also offers plants insulation for the winter freeze. 

How long does pine straw last before I need to add more?

To keep pine straw looking fresh and clean, we suggest replenishing your pine straw at least once a year. However, we have experienced that adding pine straw twice a year is the most effective method for looking its very best.

Do I need to remove old pine straw before putting down new?

That depends on how old your current pine straw is, how it looks, and its overall health. When you have existing pine straw, we always take a look at it first to determine whether to replace pine straw completely in your yard or simply add to it. 

DIY pine straw application or professional pine straw installation?

Landscape Creative pine straw application is the best way to get perfectly installed pine straw every time. We use only the highest quality pine straw, and our team has the experience and expertise to ensure that it’s applied correctly and evenly, resulting in a beautiful and healthy landscape. Plus, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work, so if you’re not happy with the finished product, we’ll come back and fix it for free. When it comes to professional pine straw installation near Jackson MS, there’s no one better than Landscape Creative!